Official Taurus Bulls Collection

Welcome to the Taurus Bulls NFT Collection, an exclusive and official endorsed collection by Our collection features 1000 unique NFTs, each with distinct and rare traits that make them highly sought-after by crypto enthusiasts and collectors alike. With our Taurus Bulls NFTs, you'll own a piece of the blockchain that represents the strength, stability, and persistence of the Taurus zodiac sign. Our NFTs are meticulously designed and curated, ensuring that each one is a valuable addition to your crypto portfolio. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own one of our Taurus Bulls NFTs - they're truly one-of-a-kind.

The whole NFT collection will be available for sale on the market at a starting price of 1200 TAU each

Locking / NFT Staking
Locking a NFT will allow you to participate in the DAO (with rewards)


Rarity Map

The Taurus Bulls Collection has been designed with careful consideration given to the rarity of its traits. Each individual NFT is not just generated randomly, but rather with a deliberate selection of characteristics. In fact, it is possible for certain characters within the collection to lack a specific type of trait altogether, further increasing the uniqueness and exclusivity of the collection.

Trait Trait Type Probability Resulting Rarity NFTs with Trait
NFTs with Trait