Taurus Reward Token (TRT)

The Taurus Reward Token (TRT) is the essential utility token of the Taurus NFT Marketplace. With TRT, users of the marketplace can enjoy unique benefits like staking and access to special features such as bulk creation of NFTs. By buying or selling NFTs on the Taurus platform, users will be rewarded with TRT, which can be used to power the Taurus Marketplace and take advantage of the special features it offers. TRT tokens are essential to the Taurus NFT Marketplace and are the key to unlocking its full potential.

Exchange on Lamden
Contract on Lamden
Contract on BSC

Current APR: 0%

Current Marketplace Reward Structure
Successful Bought NFT - Reward For Buyer
10% of TAU Amount as TRT
Successful Sold NFT - Reward For Seller
10% of TAU Amount as TRT